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Ihor Nesmiianov (graphics)

About Ihor Nesmiianov (graphics)

Born in 1949.

1977 graduated from Ukrainian National Academy of Art and Architecture (under the leadership of Academician D.D.Lider), Kiyv.

1980 – 1991 – Lecturer (scenography, stage design) at the Composition Department of the National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture, Kiev.

From 1982 - became member of Ukrainian Artist Union. Main directives of art - theatre scene/stage designer including costume design, artist - in unique style.

Paintings are located at the Ukrainian State Department Fund of Art, Ukrainian Artists National Fund, Ukrainian State Museum of Theatre and Musical Art, and private collections across Europe and USA. Lived in Kiyv, Ukraine, but after the beginning of war was evacuated to Europe.

Since 1977 took part in more than, 65 art exhibitions in Ukraine and abroad.

Worked as Head of Arts in many theatres Ukraine, including:

- Student theatre at Kyiv National I. K. Karpenko-Kary Theatre, Cinema and Television University (1982-1987); Drama and Comedy Theatre, Kiyv (1982-1987); Podol Theatre, Kiyv (1987-1988); Lesia Ukrainka National Academic Theatre (1996-1997) and Theatre «NEAR the House of Stanislavski, Moscow. Russia (1998)

Since 1975 is collaborating with different theatres and created stage designs and costumes for over 80 stage plays, including:

In The Drama and Comedy Theatre, Kyiv, Ukraine (selected):1982. F. Dostoevski .“Nastasja Filippovna”; 1983. Abbe Prevost. “Manon Lescaut”; 1984. W.Shakespeare. “Hamlet”; 2004. W.Shakespeare. “Romeo and Juliet”.

In The Lesya Ukrainka National Academic Drama Theater, Kyiv, Ukraine (selected): 1999. T. Williams. “Cat on a Hot Tin Roof“; 2017. H.Ibsen . “An Enemy of the People"; 2018. F.Schiller. “Intrigue and Love“.

And (selected): 1980. G. Handel. “Deidamia”. Joint production The Hochschule fur Musuk “Felix Mendelssohn Bartoldy” (Leipzig) and the Ukrainian National P. I. Tchaikovski Academy of Music; 1987. D.Wasserman. «Flying over Cuckoo's Nest». Kyiv Youth Theatre. Kyiv; 1997. T. Williams. “Portrait of a Madonna”. Theatre «NEAR the House of Stanislavski». Moscow. (Russia); 2005. Charles Perrault. “Cinderella”. Academic Workshop of Dramatic Art “Suzirya”. Kyiv; 2004. B. Brecht. “The Threepenny Opera”. “Atelier-16”. Kyiv; 2009. N. Gogol. “Gamblers”. The Kyiv Academic Regional Musical and Drama Theatre. Bila Cerkva. (Ukraine); 2016. T. Słobodzianek. “Our Class”. Center of Science and Art “DIYA”. Kyiv.

Solo exhibitions

Solo exebition, Kyiv, Ukraine
Solo exhibition, (in The Eindhoven Opera), Eindhoven, Netherlands
Solo exhibition, (in The National Museum of Theatre, Music and Cinema of Ukraine, Kyiv)
Solo exhibition, Gallery “Plac Izolanov”, Isola, Slovenia
Solo exhibition, Gallery “Art3B”, Isola, Slovenia
Solo exhibition, Krušče Creative Center Tomi Janežiča, Krušče, Slovenia
Solo exhibition, Gallery “Plac Izolanov”, Isola, Slovenia
Solo exhibition, Cultural Center “Dom na Vidmu”, Ilirska Bistrica, Slovenia
Solo exhibition, Gallery “Art3B”, Isola, Slovenia

Group exhibitions

Stage Design Prague Quadrennial
Russian Art Exhibition, Chicago USA
Ukrainian Artists Exhibition, Milan-Torino, Italy
«Bridges and other communications» exhibition at the patent establishment, Hague, Netherlands
(and 2016, 2019, 2022) - Ukrainian Triennial of Scenography, Kyev
“Costume on stage and on the catwalk”, Kyiv, Ukraine
Ukrainian Art Week, Bruges, Belgium
Gallery “Art3B”, Isola, Slovenia
Art residence “Sinji vrh”, Sinji vrh, Slovenia
“Art Zagreb -2024”, Zagreb, Croatia
Gallery “Art3B”, Isola, Slovenia

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